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Built-in LED on stick for signal strength indicates

VideoMate U620F built-in the special Compro logo type LED display to shows the signal strength. While watching TV shows, the LED will flash when the signal is weak and off when no signal available. It’s easy for users to understand the signal status for watch TV.

Supports TV watching and recording in Windows Media Center

VideoMate U620F support watch and record the TV shows in Windows Media Center.

Exclusive Win 7/Vista Gadget Tool

VideoMate U620F TV stick provides the useful Win 7/Vista Gadget tool to watch live TV directly from your Win 7/Vista sidebar. Also, you can check schedule list and playback list from this tool.

(Gadget tool is meant for 32 bit operation system only)

Exclusive Window Media Center scheduled recording list integration

It is easier to use the integrated WMC scheduled recording list controlling the scheduled recording.

Advanced PIP/POP Feature

The advanced Picture In/Out Picture feature lets you watch live TV show and playback recorded video file at the same time. You can switch the main/sub windows display as you’re required to use the PIP mode for more convenience.

Convenient Video Desktop

With the Video Desktop feature, you can set your TV watching screen as the live wallpaper. It is more convenient to watch TV and use other application on your Windows' desktop at the same time. It also supports PIP feature to watch TV and playback recorded video file.

Timeshift and Instant Replay Live TV

Timeshifting lets you control your TV viewing like never before. Timeshifting temporarily saves the video for a user-defined amount time from now on in your hard disk. You can roll back to the time you left the seat.

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